A downloadable game for Windows

A game invented for the Funny Jam!

Funny Jam

(if I win the jam and get enough views and downloads will create more levels and continue to develop da game! :D)


  1. 30 Views = I promise to continue development but only bug fixes! Completed!
  2. 10 Downloads = I promise to continue development making new levels and possibly level packs as DLC!Completed!
  3. 20 Downloads = I release a Mac version of the game!
  4. 25 Downloads = I release a Linux version of the game!


I am not in any way affiliated with nintendo and do not own the rights to Mario or any other games related! This game was made for fun and is not to be taken seriously!


Patch One Release contains bug fixes please download!

Install instructions

Download the zip extract it and then run the .exe file, configure the game how u like and boom the game will open!


MLG Mario.zip 13 MB
Patch1(11.08.16).zip 6 MB